Monday, June 22, 2009

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Obama's Office -

Madonna's Office -

Meeting Space -

Obama's Elevator -

Madonna's Elevator -

Meeting Table -

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Ut Environents

Draft 1 - - EdwardSarafian - Arch1101Exp3 - Draft1.ut2

Draft 2 - - EdwardSarafian - Arch1101Exp3 - Draft2.ut2

Final Environment - - EdwardSarafian - Arch1101Exp3 - Final.ut2

Final UT Environment Video Capture

This is the door that allows obama to enter his office. The nature of the door emphasises on Obama's great power and influence and the security measures needed for his safety as a direct result of that.

This is the elevator which transports Obama to the meeting space with Madonna.

This is the elevator which transports Madonna to the meeting space with Obama.

Final UT Environment

This image shows the overall environment, portraying the relationship with all the spaces.

This space is madonna's office. This elegant, and less blocky space portrays the differing type of power compared to Obama.

This shot portrays the loft lobby. The stairs symbolise madonna's journey of power to a higher position in society. The elevator can also be seen.

This is the meeting space for Obama and Madonna, including the table specially designed for them. Stairs to this room connect both clients from opposite dwellings, thus creating an effective meeting space.

This shot shows Obama's office seen from the meeting space. The suspenders hanging on to that space can be seen.

This is obama's office, and it is noticable that the high ceilings depict his power. Also the stairway presests the notion that he is of a higher order, hence reinforcing his power.
This is a view of Obama's office from the balcony outside. The balcony with the glass floor depics his responsibilities concerning the running of the country. It also creates a platform in which citizens look up to, creating the idea of power.

Meeting Table

This is the meeting table for Obama and Madonna. The base of the table symbolises the different offices/space at oppisite ends of the environment coming together as one. The chairs which are attached to the table also creates this notion of unifying the clients

Madonna's Elevator

Obama's Elevator